Cori Schumacher on San Onofre

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My family spent many summers surfing Old Man’s and The Point just north of SONGS. My sister and I would play with the other kids our age on the beaches, in the waters, and in the bursts of bamboo that we imagined were fairy groves on the sands. At low tide, we would stalk the slugs that littered the exposed rocks close to shore, occasionally encountering small octopi, and star fish. We would come home, exhausted, and crawl into our beds with dirty feet, skin tight from sun and salt, and fade into sleep with wide smiles.

These are warm memories I carry within me from my youth, grounding moments in time before life expanded to a more complicated adulthood.

I cannot deny the nostalgia I feel for these memories, nor can I deny the certain bit of warmth that I feel as soon as my truck wheels hit the end of the paved road leading into San O. The bouncing, hopping, and jittering communicates some secret language to my body that I have returned to one of my nomadic homes”…

An excerpt from Cori Schumacher’s hard-hitting and well researched piece on the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station entitled, “The Disharmony of SONGS.” To read more, click here.

Painting by the talented Matt Beard. Read our interview with Cori Schumacher here.

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