The Kindred Program

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From artist Skye Walker: “The Kindred Program is a project where artists, designers & photographers donate a piece of art which then gets re-distributed to a person in need. Someone who, for whatever reason, could use an amazing piece of art in their life, but doesn’t have the means to get it.

The artists do not know where their art is going, and the recipient doesn’t know they are receiving an amazing piece of art. But it will hopefully make their day. Art is meant to be shared, especially with those who need a little art in their lives and don’t know it.

To be involved in The Kindred Program please email ( the name and address of someone who you think needs a piece of art in their lives, someone who is ill, sad, hurting, suffering or just needs a little love. Please list the reason why you think they need this art and The Kindred Program will review it and hopefully get an print, photo, design or original piece of art sent their way– for free. Their names & information will be private– and don’t tell the person either… it’s a surprise!”

Each request will be reviewed and considered, but due to the limited quantity of art, we can only send so many pieces out. But we will do our best to meet as many people’s needs as possible. Once reviewed and approved, art will be sent out within 2–6 weeks.

Check for updates on the blog at

To read the Liquid Salt interview of artist Skye Walker, click here.




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