Tyler Surfboards Factory Bbq

by Ed Factor on July 27, 2012 · 0 comments

With optimum weather, fantastic Santa Maria styled BBQ provided by Mike Keller and Joe Lococo of California Rancher, a few surf stars and legends in the mix, and the unveiling of a new model, Tyler Surfboards of El Segundo held their Annual Factory Open House last Saturday, July 14th.

I love that fact that this event unites the local surf community,” Tyler team test pilot, Mike Siordia said. “The BBQ was delicious and it was cool to post up next to the old ride for the afternoon.”

In the adjacent parking lot beside the factory, Siordia, lawn-chairing it, enjoyed the sunshine next to his 1962 Cadillac. Other highlighted rides in the rumble included a mid-50s Packard, an International Scout, a 1965 Ford Fairlane Station Wagon, an antique tow-truck from the Standard Station around the corner (who also threw the after party) a 1960 Kustom El Camino and a 1950 semi-kustom Mercury Tyler Hatzikan of Tyler Surfboards both built years ago. The Merc had an amazing matching colored surfboard beside it.

Keller and Lococo were working California Rancher magic behind the bbq as the aroma of tri-tip filled the air of the surfer/motorhead playground that Hatzikian’s business resides in. A colored assortment of Hatzikian’s surf sticks provided eye-candy as well as the art of local artist Jason Baffa and Perry Gillotti shown throughout the event.

It was a great event for all of us who are inspired by Tyler’s work,” Adam Davenport of Davenport Surfboards, “It was a show and tell from in my opinion that most premier surfboard builder out there.”

Some of the surf legends and celebrities who made the event included, Craig Stecyk, surf artist/photographer/writer and visionary of Venice’s Dogtown scene, legendary South Bay Surfer Bobby Warchola, the Tyler Factory token Shoprat and Shopchick Josh Gilberts and Lauren Hawthorne, surf photographer Brent Broza, Hippy Tree’s Josh Sweeney and Andrew Sarnecki, and former Longboard Magazine editor Devon Howard.

The unveiling of Hatzikian’s new model, “The Designated Hitter,” a smaller-sized very user friendly surfboard that can be ridden in all types of waves, was the climax of the event. “We have been getting requests to build more midsized board models for years. Now I am ready to start building them and using them as a way to involve more people in the board building process,” Hatzikian said, “They are sort of a way for me to pass on some of my knowledge, they can start working on those boards and once they master that, move up to the longboards.”

Images by various photographers and provided by Tyler Surfboards.

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