Phil Browne: Glide Surf Co.

by Glenn Sakamoto on October 12, 2012 · 1 comment

Glide Surf Co. is an alternative surf shop created by surfer Phil Browne. When the recession hit, Phil decided to follow his passion and longtime dream to open his own shop. His goal was to bring a certain “West Coast vibe” and spirit to his local surfing community.

I opened Glide Surf Co. with the desire to bring something new and different to NJ and the East Coast. With the Alternative Surf Craft based shops such as Thalia, Mollusk, Icons of Surf and others paving the way on the West Coast, the East Coast was seriously behind. I had been riding more and more alternative boards, and I was growing tired of ordering boards directly from the West Coast, sight unseen.

At the same time, like a lot of people in the the last few years, I found myself in the midst of a career change. I worked in corporate advertising for a number of years, fell victim to the recession and decided I was done with that world. Given my prior surf industry experience on both retail and competitive levels, I was drawn back to what I know best. With a Michael Tomson quote in my head of “Differentiate or Die,” I set out to start a surf shop unlike anyone has seen in NJ.

The Alternative Surf Craft mantra of “Ride Everything”, the influx of new young shapers and the fact that my surfboard tastes differed greatly than that of the surrounding shops made for an easy start from a surfboard perspective. However, I did not want to stop there. I wanted to push the idea of “Surf” apparel even further. Rather than carrying the typical mass-marketed surf brands, I looked for a combination of brands with deep roots in the surf industry, as well as brands that complement the surf lifestyle but offer more in the the way of fashion, quality and construction.

The response thus far has been amazing. Best of all, we have begun to change the thought process on what a surfer wants to ride and wear and their view of what a surf shop can offer.”

Find out more about Phil and Glide Surf Co. here. Top photo by Rob Cusick. 

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Tim October 18, 2012 at 7:45 am

Sweet — thumbs up, keep up the good work in helping the East Coast progress.


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