Liquid Salt is an online-only magazine that quietly celebrates the culture of surfing. We highlight and give voice to surfers, photographers, shapers, writ­ers, painters, film­mak­ers, and eco-warriors  — the creative individuals who keep surfing vibrant and alive.

Our first interview was with shaping legend, Bing Copeland. When Bing volunteered, we knew that his name alone would give us the credibility we were seeking. Thank you, Bing. Since that early beginning, Liquid Salt has grown to over 175 interviews and dozens of feature stories with Hawaiian surfing legends such as 90-year-old Rabbit Kekai to Pipeline master Gerry Lopez.

In addition to the shapers and professional surfers, we made the decision early on to feature the artists, filmmakers, and photographers of the surfing world. We knew that it was the relationship with creativity that makes the art of surfing culturally relevant and unique.

Liquid Salt 2.0 (what you are seeing now) has been made possible by the warm support of our friends and family who chose to contribute and back our recent Kickstarter campaign. A big thank you to all of our backers!

Liquid Salt is all about the stoke. Thank you for sharing the ride with us. We're glad you dropped by.

Glenn Sakamoto
Editor + Founder


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