Out of boredom and the lack of work in a sluggish economy, graphic designer Glenn Sakamoto wanted to turn his passion for surfing into a website that would welcome all levels of surfers – from grom to mom, from beginner to expert. He wanted his site to have the credibility and depth of The Surfer’s Journal, with the ease and casualness of Curious Gabe – a magazine reporter who asked random questions. But more importantly, he knew in his heart that surfing was about real stories, lived by real people, and that they are the true soul of surfing.

Our first interview was with surfing and shaping legend, Bing Copeland. When Bing volunteered, we knew that his name alone would give us the credibility we were seeking. His legendary status allowed us to have access to other prominent people in the surfing community. We are forever indebted to Bing.

Since that early beginning, Liquid Salt has grown to over 175 interviews. With surfing legends such as 90-year-old Rabbit Kekai and Pipeline master Gerry Lopez to the late surfboard shaper Terry Martin and his prodigy, up-and-coming ripper  Tyler Warren. In addition to shapers and professional surfers, we made the early decision to feature the artists, filmmakers, and photographers, as we knew that it was surfing’s relationship with creativity that made it culturally relevant and unique.

Now Liquid Salt enters a new phase. Previously, we were publishing one interview a week. We are now raising the stakes by changing our format to a richer, blog style format. This way, we can feature more individuals and companies in a breezier, easier-to-digest design. We will continue doing our in-depth interviews, but we are excited about our new direction in bringing you fresh, exciting new content from both us and from around the internet as features, image posts, and videos.

Mahalo for sharing the ride with us. We’ll always paddle out for one more.

The Editors

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