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Beyond The Surface follows Ishita Malaviya, India’s first female surfer, traveling through Southern India, documenting the ways in which surfing, yoga, and ecological creativity are bringing hope and fueling change for the local people and the planet. She is joined by a unique and talented group of women – Liz Clark, Lauren Hill, Emi Koch, Kate Baldwin and the director of the film, Crystal Thornburg-Homcy. We spoke with Crystal to learn more. [click to continue]

Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau, directed by Sam George (Riding Giants) and produced by Stacy Peralta (Dogtown and Z-Boys), will debut Tuesday, October 1, at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN. We spoke with Sam George to learn more about his new film about the remarkable life of Eddie Aikau, the legendary big wave surfer and spiritual inspiration to the Hawaiian people. [click to continue]

After a successful Kickstarter initiative back in 2011, surf historian and noted author Matt Warshaw and his team set out to put the print version of the esteemed Encyclopedia of Surfing into an online, interactive experience onto the interwebs. Almost two years later, with the new site set to launch next week, we caught up with Matt and asked him a few questions about this massive undertaking. [click to continue]

The World in The Curl

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The World in The Curl (Crown Publishers) is a fascinating, compelling, and highly readable look at the origins of surfing. California authors Peter Westwick and Peter Neushul, both surfers, have masterfully created a book that tells the familiar story of surfing from a cultural, political, economic, and environmental perspective. [click to continue]

The Napsack x Poler

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Labor Day may have passed and the kids have gone back to school, but there is still some epic camping and road trips to be had. The Napsack by Poler seems to have been made with adventurous surfers in mind when they designed this ingenious sleeping bag/snuggy-like product. [click to continue]

The Code

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World Champion surfer Shaun Tomson (Surfer’s Code – 12 Simple Lessons for Riding Through Life) brings us his latest guidebook to life. This time his writing is based on the many talks he has personally given to schools. In the mid-70s, Tomson had the movie star looks and the talent to dominate the surf contests and magazines, and his company Instinct, was a lucrative business in the early 80s. But his life has not always been so easy. [click to continue]

We’ve all seen the classic Endless Summer poster for the film by Bruce Brown – the bold day-glo colors and the iconic silhouettes of Hynson and August. But this is merely a hint of John Van Hamersveld’s many talents in graphic design and poster creation. [click to continue]

Ming Nomchong

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Ming Nomchong is a talented surfer/photographer based in Byron Bay, Australia. Her natural ability to capture that perfect moment by the ocean is both impressive and a delight. We spoke with Ming to learn more. [click to continue]