David Nuuhiwa and John Gale, Laguna Beach CA, 1971. “Surfer Magazine wanted me to go hang out with David Nuuhiwa. A lifestyle shoot for a day. Nuuhiwa was considered the best surfer in the world at the time and was surfing a lot down at Salt Creek. [click to continue]

Jared Mell by photographer Xabi Irure. From Huck Magazine: “It gives me the greatest feeling ever. It’s like flying, like when you see a bird looking over the landscape of a beautiful place. It just motivates me and everybody to meet new people, new relationships, new friendships and just grow basically. Surfing is like a family that never stops growing.”

Legends by Peterson

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Surfing legend Herbie Fletcher and legend-in-the-making Alex Knost by surfer/photographer Dane Peterson. San Onofre, California.

From photographer Nick Cook:“Every year, since taking up the planer, shaper Ryan Lovelace has made himself a ‘birthday board’ to enjoy for the rest of the year. But in all his years of shaping, the surf conditions had never come together for a birthday slide.  [click to continue]

 “The Lineup is about everyone who paddles out. Surfing is a great equalizer: The CEO of a Fortune 500 company could be sitting side by side with a penniless vagabond chasing the next swell. It’s the only sport where you could also find your own heroes [click to continue]

Portrait: Leah Dawson

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Leah Dawson by Xabi Irure. To read Leah’s interview on Liquid Salt, click here. To see more of Xabi’s work, click here.

Singlefin Love

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From Chris Grant:  “I never met her in person as she was visiting from Japan with a few of her other friends. I’d just see her all of a sudden down the beach but with a couple of traveling companions. I don’t really think it needs a name though, it looks like “singlefin love” to me.” Japanese surfer Ryoko Maruyama photographed in California by Chris Grant/Jettygirl.


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Beauty shot courtesy of Spanish photographer Xabi Irure.