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Every surfer remembers his first surfboard. It goes along with memories of his first wave, first time standing up on the board, first surf trip, and the time spent with friends during these experiences. With all these memories there usually is a story (or two), so of course I thought I should share with you all. [click to continue]

Marc Andreini is an accomplished surfboard builder and master craftsman. In this Shaper Spotlight, we learn more about Marc’s influences in both his surfing and board design from George Greenough to Phil Edwards, and discover what over 45 years of shaping experience can bring to his customer and the next generation of shapers. [click to continue]

Lance Carson in Malibu

by John Durant on February 11, 2013 · 3 comments

The outline of a hand-shaped surfboard is drawn directly on the foam using a rigid template as a guide so the left and right rail curves match. Templates – like an enormous set of French curves – lean nearby, out of the way and they all have names. [click to continue]

Winter Calls

by Mark McInnis on December 15, 2012 · 0 comments

Those of us that are even slightly in tune with popular surf culture know this time of year is all about the North Shore of O’ahu. A large percentage of the world’s top surfers are scattered about the 7-mile miracle and for good reason; they’re being documented by the industry’s première lensmen in some of the best waves the planet has on offer. [click to continue]

The Sea Within Us

by Jody Marr on December 2, 2012 · 5 comments

The human body has almost the same proportions of calcium, sodium and potassium as the ocean. It pulses in our veins.

Some people meander through life completely unaware of the pull of our bodies towards the sea. They enjoy the ocean, but when they leave, they dust the sand off and transition back into terrestrial life without blinking an eye. [click to continue]

This photo captures one of the basic attributes of Gerry’s style which was how he held his hands. It’s this way or style of how he held his arms and hands is part of what made him so famous. I had been shooting from my boogie board at Pipe, [click to continue]

David Nuuhiwa and John Gale, Laguna Beach CA, 1971. “Surfer Magazine wanted me to go hang out with David Nuuhiwa. A lifestyle shoot for a day. Nuuhiwa was considered the best surfer in the world at the time and was surfing a lot down at Salt Creek. [click to continue]

From photographer Nick Cook:“Every year, since taking up the planer, shaper Ryan Lovelace has made himself a ‘birthday board’ to enjoy for the rest of the year. But in all his years of shaping, the surf conditions had never come together for a birthday slide.  [click to continue]