Sun Bum Pro Series

Sun Bum introduces its new PRO line made for active waterman (and women). In a range of solar coverage from 30+ to 50+ SPF formulas, including a new 30+ Face Stick. As an added bonus, these skin products smell amazing.

Wellen Spring 2015


We're big fans of this California-based surf wear company. Here is a sampling from their Spring collection. The Stoked Tee and Scallop Trunk is available at

Matt Allen Wood Print

This special Limited Edition surf art print on wood is a reproduction of a drawing by Southern California artist Matthew Allen. Every print is numbered, signed by the artist and stamped with gold ink. The wood prints are ready to hang as is. No framing necessary. Brine and Byway

Rareform Boardbags

Rare form is a surf/snow/outdoor gear company based out of Santa Monica, CA and is committed to creating environmentally friendly and sustainable bags  made largely from recycled billboards.  Monthly, their products use 10,000 pounds of billboards that otherwise would be in landfills. LS readers save 25% with promo code (25life).

Aloha to zen

Check out the cool handcrafted pillows created by Australian surfer/artist Fern Levack in her shop. Gerry Lopez, Locals Only, and Keep The Country Country, are some of the subjects that are hand embroidered and for sale.

Coyote Adventures Board Sock

San Diego-based Coyote Adventures makes unique and affordable board socks. Inspired by the wildlife and surf in Baja Mexico, Ivan Feerman will make you a one-of-a-kind item made with a vintage sewing machine from the 50's that belonged to his wife's grandmother. Available on Etsy.


Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 1.16.51 PM.png

ourCaste partnered with their staff photographer, Brooks Sterling to generate a series of type-altered landscapes together exclusively for San Diego alt-surf boutique, Aloha Sunday. The series, appropriately titled ‘ALOHA!’, consists of landscape images Brooks shot ranging from the Arizona desert to the central California coast, and even some Hawaiian paradises.


Firmamento is a quality surf-inspired clothing brand born in La Barceloneta, the old fisherman neighbourhood of Barcelona. Their collection from tees to sweatshirts is made from organic cotton, recycled wetsuits, pure merino wool and recycled sails.

The Kit

The Kit is a collection of hand-picked travel items for the woman surfer by free-surfer Kassia Meador, designers Laura Rubin, Alexandra Cassaniti, and skin-care expert Jun Lee. Available for sale in NYC at Warm, LA at The General Store and online at Allswell.

Settembre Surf

Settembre Surf is a small workshop located in Sicily and overlooking the Mediterranean sea. They make their wooden surfboards by hand, drawing from their own history with the passion for Italian design while borrowing classic surfing heritage from overseas. Photo by Helmut Berta. 

Sea Craft Supply Co.

For a taste of all things body surfing, we recommend Sean Starky's Sea Craft Supply Co. They carry all things oceanic, from fins to hand planes. Sean was featured in the bodysurfing film Come Hell or High Water, so he knows his stuff. Check them out at

Ziobaffa Wines

From filmmaker Jason Baffa (Singlefin: Yellow, Bella Vita) comes his latest creation: Ziobaffa organic wines. Jason has collaborated with traditional Italian artisans to create a wine that is inspired by the care-free surfing subculture. Find out more at

Byrd Hairdo Products

Byrd was created by a Newport Beach surfer who was inspired by his great grandfather's old-time hair tonic and barbershop. With a nod to '60s surf culture (think Mike Hynson in The Endless Summer), Chase Wilson created a line of pomades in three different formulations and a pocket comb designed in collaboration with FCS fins. Find out more here:


Surfers are constantly exposed to the harsh elements of sun, wind, and salt on a daily basis. Dermasport was specifically formulated for active water persons who want to restore the proper ph levels of the face. Key ingredients include anti-aging peptides, antioxidants, soothing natural extracts and botanicals. Find out more at

EMIl skateboards

Inspired by the scooter that Marty McFly converts to a skateboard in Back to The Future, Niklas Groschup decided to create a prototype and was amazed how well it rode. His unique sidewalk surfer was born when his friends tried one and asked him to make more!

Passenger Hoodie

Passenger hails from the South Coast of England near the New Forest situated a few minutes from the coast and the forest. The Drifter Navy hoodie is all about comfort. It has a printed geometric design on a hidden inside pocket and pocket bags. They currently have a 40% offer on all full price items.

A Life Outside

Catherine Brabec's film A Life Outside is a feature length documentary about the lives of six New Jersey surfers who pioneered surfing at the famed Casino Pier in Seaside Heights. With appearances by Gerry Lopez, Muckey Munoz, Corky Carroll, and Shaun Tomson. Available to purchase or download here.