My Medic Solo

A good first aid kit is essential when traveling into the wild. The My Medic Solo is a small portable kit developed and built in the USA by a team of medical experts and adventurers that easily fits in a backpack or glove compartment. Find out more at

Sea of joy LP


Sea of Joy was director Paul Witzig’s fourth surf film. To express his cinematic vision, Witzig chose the enchanting sounds of Tully, the legendary Sydney band who rose from the ashes of Levi Smith’s Clefs into prominence as the backing band for the June 1969 Australian production of the musical HAIR.The Sea of Joy soundtrack by Tully on vinyl. Buy the LP here.

Patagonia Yulex Wetsuits

Surfers have been hooked on neoprene since the 1950s, but it's a nonrenewable material with an energy-intensive manufacturing process. By replacing it with Yulex® natural rubber from sources that are Forest Stewardship Council® certified by the Rainforest Alliance, Patagonia is reducing CO2 emissions by up to ~80% when compared to conventional neoprene-causing less harm to the planet we love and the oceans that give us waves to ride.

Airstream Basecamp


The Airstream Basecamp is full of features that help you fuel up for the day, then clean up and sack out when it’s all said and done. From the rear hatch for your gear to the on-board restroom to the convertible living space that forms a relaxing bed, it’s all right there with you, along for the ride. Find out more here.

Kassia Meador X Captain Fin

 Inspired from her love of all things extra dimensional and the free spirit of the 70’s, the “space tie dye print” merges these components to create a rad and unique print. Kassia Meador Tie Dye is available online at

The Aloha Shirt: Spirit of The Islands

Patagonia Books reintroduces the classic "The Aloha Shirt," in a beautiful and hefty 3-pound, cloth-bound edition extensively researched by author Dale Hope, with all-new material including an introduction by Gerry Lopez, a chapter devoted to Rell Sunn and her her involvement with the Pataloha line, and much more. Surfing and fashion never looked so good. Find the book here

Swellvetica Poster

This design combines Orange & Park's love of the ocean and their fascination with typography. It's Helvetica Bold from A to sea! Inks screen printed on French's Speckletone True White and Standard Black Kraft 100#C papers. 18" x 24". Available at

Byrd Hydrating Body Wash

Just in time for summer, BYRD introduces its new hydrating body wash. Formulated to remove dirt and grime without stripping the skin of natural oils, the wash features a soothing blend of sea kelp, green tea, aloe vera and vegetable-derived glycerin.  Available at

Surf NYC

New York surfers risk almost anything just so they don’t hear the words, “You should have been here an hour ago.” What does it take to brave the cold Atlantic Ocean and get insight on the Big Apple’s hidden surf subculture? Photographer Andreea Waters developed relationships with local surfers and absorbed available knowledge about New York's ocean and climate to find out. Find the book at


The Fly Black Bird project is a timeless book that doesn’t follow trends or the latest hype. It is made up of ideas, stories, and life experiences of people who in one way or another have a connection with the sea. It is a gift to the surf community, with a clear understanding of what should be related to alternative surf culture. Get your copy of the book here.


The Roo Hammock by Kammok is the perfect accessory for your next adventure. Easy to setup, The Roo is incredibly lightweight, tear resistant, breathable, and roomy enough for two. Pair it with their Pyton Straps and you are good to go. Find out more at

Northcore KeyPod

The Northcore Keypod offers maximum protection and is the next generation safekeeping for your vehicle's keys. Features a simple-to-use passcode system, roomy compartment, hardened steel lock, and a padded back. Find out more at Northcore Global.



Designed in collaboration with Carver Skateboards and made from recycled fishing nets, the reverse king pinned Carver CX truck system allows the rider to pump the board like a surfboard, bridging the gap between surfing and skating. Find out more here:

Kassia Meador x Stance

The world-renowned surfer and artist harnessed some of her expansive talent to design a summer sock style as mercurially cool as her own career. Made with reinforced heels and springy elastic arch support. Available at

Lifeproof Waterproof Iphone Case

LifeProof iPhone 6 cases and accessories let you take your device along on every excursion. Whether you’re hiking the Pacific Crest Trail or snorkeling off Oahu, WaterProof iPhone 6 cases keep you connected to your maps and apps and lets you capture stills and video in the surf. Find out more at


A run-in between two friends surfing in Southern California was the start of re-imagining the men’s body care industry. Journeymen was formed, a men’s body-care brand designing premium products, better for humans and the earth. Find out more at

Saltfish Mia Rosada Sling

Sling Panama.jpg

The Saltfish Surf Co. Tote board sling is inspired by the ocean and the passion of traveling. Working with local artisans and finding unique textiles, every piece is sustainably produced and handmade supporting local communities and fair-trade. Find out more at


Bureo Yuko Sunglasses


The Yuko frame is made entirely from Bureo’s Net+Positiva plastic, an incredibly unique, fully traceable 100% recycled and recyclable nylon fishing net material. The glasses are complete with premium Carl Zeiss Polarized lenses. Designed and sourced in Chile, all frames are made in Italy. Available at

Thermacell Scout Lantern

Summer is right around the corner and that means time for a surf camping trip! The new Thermacell Scout Lantern provides powerful portable light and creates a 15 ft x 15 ft zone of protection against mosquitoes, black flies, and no-see-ums. Available at