Wesley x Swanson

by The Editors on May 10, 2012 · 1 comment

Springtime fun with Shaper John Wesley by Alex Swanson.

Knost x Peterson

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Alex Knost down the line. Photo by Dane Peterson, 2011.

Flux: The Movie

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10 Surfers, 10 Days, 1 Path. A film by Narrow Path Media.

Kassia, 2010. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10-6pm, Saturday 11-6pm. For further information and images, please contact Daryl Cooper at +1 (212) 255‑5560 or rwfa@rickwesterfineart.com.

Letty Nowak is a talented surfer/artist who creates wall size portraits of some of the biggest names in surfing. Her vibrant portraits of surfers like Skip Frye, George Downing, Joel Tudor and others, cover the walls of select art galleries all over the country. We asked her some questions to learn more. [click to continue]

I love my local library. It’s small. It has a fairly limited selection, but I kind of like that about it. I never go in looking for anything in particular. I just wander around the shelves, head tilted sideways looking at the spines, pretty unaware of which section I’m in. Within a few minutes I usually have three or four books in hand. As I can only check out five, [click to continue]

School of Visual Arts (SVA) presents “Art Brewer: Surf Evolution,” a retrospective celebrating the work of legendary surf photographer Art Brewer, who has spent four decades documenting and shaping surf culture around the globe. [click to continue]