Portrait: Leah Dawson

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Leah Dawson by Xabi Irure. To read Leah’s interview on Liquid Salt, click here. To see more of Xabi’s work, click here.

The late Michael Peterson memorialized in this short by his lifelong sponsor, Rip Curl.

This is Margaux

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From Filmmaker Hayley Gordon: “Margaux Arramon-Tucoo, native of Biarritz, France, recently came to visit our California home… Check out her blog at thefresharea.blogspot.com.

Singlefin Love

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From Chris Grant:  “I never met her in person as she was visiting from Japan with a few of her other friends. I’d just see her all of a sudden down the beach but with a couple of traveling companions. I don’t really think it needs a name though, it looks like “singlefin love” to me.” Japanese surfer Ryoko Maruyama photographed in California by Chris Grant/Jettygirl.

We first started seeing the link to a blog about cars with surfboards popping up on Facebook. So we tracked down the artist. Turns out his name is Kevin Butler and he is a surfer and an advertising copywriter. We sat him down and asked him a few questions. [click to continue]

Pillage & Plunder

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From filmmaker Nathan Oldfield: “A collaboration brought to you by the salty buccaneers of trim at The Critical Slide Society and the master foam mowers at Thomas Surfboards. Featuring the slidal tendencies of Jake Bowrey, Jacob Stuth, Little Man & Thomas Bexon. Documenting the making and sliding of the TCSS x Thomas Surfboards Pillage Model.”

Keith Malloy and Woodshed Films wrapped up the year 2011 in good fashion. Their film, Come Hell or High Water brought home a total of four awards from the NYC & London Surf Festivals, rounding out both the Best Feature, [click to continue]

Pablo Ugartetxea Show

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Surfer/artist Pablo Ugartetxea has a new show in Hossegor. To learn more about Pablo, click here.