Joel Tudor Gliding

by The Editors on March 26, 2012 · 1 comment

What more needs to be said about Joel Tudor? Legend.

Herbie Fletcher, 1976. Maalaea, Maui.“Maalaea is one of those perfect waves that breaks just like freight train. It’s also one of the hardest waves to make because it breaks so fast. It starts up on one end at the boat jetty [click to continue]

Summer Loggery

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From filmmaker Nathan Oldfield: “This is a short for my friends at Patagonia, featuring Johnny Gill & Sean Finnelley getting some crispy little summery peelers at their local.”  Read our interview with Nathan here.

Erin Ashley Tip Time

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Erin Ashley on the tip on a cold Spring morning at Church. Photographed by Alex Swanson.

Josh Gilberts gets some, somewhere in the South Bay. Filmed & Edited by Grayson Hild.

American Crafstman

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Almond surfboard shaper/owner Dave Alee. Read our interview with Dave here.

The Jailhouse Shorts

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Greg Noll is a riot in this wonderful Billabong-produced video. Cameo by his son, Jed Noll.

Photo by Ryan Tatar

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Film Flares” by talented photographer Ryan Tatar, 2012. Read our interview of Ryan here.