Serena Mitnik-Miller is a talented surfer/artist who was raised in Hawaii and now calls Northern California her home. Together with her husband Mason St. Peter, Serena operates The General Store and Two Birds Fly, both of which creates and sells goods related to a coastal lifestyle. [click to continue]

El Porto with Tyler

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Tyler Hatzikian riding his 10′ noserider. El Porto. Photo by Kiyo Okada / Classic Waves USA.

Marching in 1966

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From filmmaker Andrew Gough: Matt Chojnacki has grown up around the beaches and concrete jungle of Sydney. Hot rods, pomade, rockabilly and punk music are a strong influence on his lifestyle, but for 12 years he has [click to continue]

Vintage Bing

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From filmmaker Luca Merli: “We were in San Diego recently to shoot the shaping of Alessandro Ponzanelli’s new board. It was shaped by Matt Calvani for an upcoming webisode for Onde Nostre. While visiting Santa Barbara, we met up with Oliver Parker. He lent Ale’ his old Bing from the 60’s to try. It was amazing.”

Tyler by Deus

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Tyler Warren surfing at home — by Jimmy James for Deus ex Machina.

Good morning! Tom Wegener photographed by Dane Peterson, Granite Bay 2008. Find out more about Dane Peterson and his fine photography here.

Hey Ho, Let’s Go

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Hey Ho Let’s Go Surfing is a salty surfing adventure, featuring the slipperyisms of Sage Joske, Brett Caller & Jake Bevan, brought to you by the good folk at The Critical Slide Society.
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Hobie Ding Repair

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Anybody have one of these? The Surfing Heritage Foundation is looking to show one in an upcoming exhibit. Love the simple packaging and the DIY aesthetic. Contact the SHF here.