Surf with Aloha

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All you need.

Margaux. Film by Michael Weybret.

Check out our interview with Taki Bibelas. His latest film, The Still Point is now showing at film festivals.

Steve Pezman tells it like it is. From the film Glass Love by Andrew Kidman.

Surf Trip

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Our own Smriti Keshari going for a surf, NYC style. March 1st. “My first day back in the winter hemisphere after a month in sunny South Africa. [click to continue]

Larry Bertlemann

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Larry Bertlemann, Super Sessions. Via and The Surf Network.

Film by Morgan Maassen.

With over 80,000 boards shaped, Terry Martin is a part of every board we as surfers experience. Now Terry is sick. Consider what you can give and donate to help support him. In addition, Terry is shaping a collection of his favorite, most iconic designs, covering seven decades of surfing to be auctioned to help offset his medical expenses.  [click to continue]