Alex Knost

Imaginary Carpet Market” is a new surf film which features the surfing of Alex Knost & friends. Through the Eyes of Jack Coleman.

Steve Cleveland is a talented surfer/filmmaker and is the creator of his latest film, A Paradigm Shift. Fast moving and full of action, it features such talents as Jared Mell, Alex Knost, Joel Tudor, and Kassia Meador. We spoke with Steve to learn more. [click to continue]

Special K

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Another wonderful film created by the boys at Starring Alex Knost, Harrison Roach, Ellis Erickson, and more.

The Heart and The Sea

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From independent filmmaker Nathan Oldfield, his latest film explores the joy that lies at the center of a surfing life: family, friends and a a shared intimacy with the sea. Filmed in Australia, New Zealand, France, and Spain, it features Dave Rastovich, Lauren Hill, Alex Knost, Tom Wegener, Kassia Meador, and many more. To order in Australia or worldwide, click here. (In the US, it is available here.)

Knost + Ericson

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Alex Knost and Ellis Ericson, Off the Wall, Hawaii.

Imaginary Carpet Market

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The trailer to a new surf film shot entirely in Bali starring Alex Knost by Jack Coleman.

Knost x Hingeley

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Was up at Lowers and happen to see Alex surfing and I figured I would shoot a few clips of him surfing. I ended up making an edit out of it and here it is. I wanted to do something really weird so I added some 16mm painted film effect to the whole thing. Some will like it but some will not like it at all. I hope you are the one (who will) enjoy it!” – from filmmaker Gage Hingeley

Desillusion magazine, supported by RVCA and RAEN are proud to present their latest video “This is Alex”, a video portrait that pays tribute to the Californian longboarder/musician Alex Knost.