Cyrus Sutton

Cyrus Sutton tackles everything from nose rides to big, cold barrels. Check out the video of his recent 4 day road trip between Santa Cruz and San Francisco.

A 25 minute film about two month long surfari. A Reef/Just Passing Through film by Cyrus Sutton and produced by Korduroy.

Compass_ing Trailer

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An inner-worldly surf adventure from Cyrus Sutton to the North Pole and beyond coming soon. Starring good surfers and good waves.

From Cyrus Sutton: “This is a design I’ve been thinking about and finally got together with Wegener Surfboards to shape it. 7’3″ and almost dead flat. It feels like it works just as well backside as it does frontside. The asymetrical outline and fin setup are influenced by what Ryan Burch, Richard Kenvin and Carl Ekstrom have done, it allows you equal control with less total fin surface area in the wave making the board super fast and maneuverable. [click to continue]

Cy’s Midday Slide

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Cy shares his view while surfing on a single fin log. Cinematography and Edit by Cyrus Sutton. Featuring a 9’7″ Cy’s Aquatic Almond Model by Almond Surfboards.

From filmmaker Cyrus Sutton:“This sequence was taken from my recent trip to S. America. My girl’s been studying abroad down there for a few months so I headed down for some lovin’ and long lefts. I purposefully didn’t bring any camera equipment except for a little HD Go Pro camera. [click to continue]

Jimmy Gamboa

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We love this video of Jimmy Gamboa on a hull in Malibu. Film by Cyrus Sutton of

Cyrus Sutton and Ryan Burch star in what many are calling the surf film of the year, “Stoked & Broke.” If you didn’t have the chance to check it out in the theaters, now is your chance to enjoy it on DVD($25, includes shipping!)