Lost & Found

Another wonderful story by Doug Walker of the Lost & Found series, this time with laminator Jack Reeves in Hawaii.

Lost and Found 2

by The Editors on July 23, 2013 · 2 comments

From award-winning Lost & Found director Doug Walker: “In April I received a phone call from Kalai Ahuna on the North Shore telling me to come out as more people had stories to tell. I packed the camera up and caught a flight. Arriving on the North Shore with no place to stay – the doors opened. [click to continue]

This is the story about 30,000 lost black and white negatives from Surfing Magazine circa 1970s, found at a swap meet. It becomes a journey from California to Hawaii to reunite the creators and stars of that pivotal time in surfing history. We spoke with director Doug Walker to learn more. [click to continue]