Michael Peterson

Ellis Ericson

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Ellis Ericson is a talented surfer/shaper from Byron Bay, Australia. Raised in a surfing household, Ellis picked up his shaping skills and talent from his father. Currently residing in Bali, Ellis is free to surf and shape his early ‘70s inspired surfboards. We spoke with him to learn more. [click to continue]

Marc Andreini is an accomplished surfboard builder and master craftsman. In this Shaper Spotlight, we learn more about Marc’s influences in both his surfing and board design from George Greenough to Phil Edwards, and discover what over 45 years of shaping experience can bring to his customer and the next generation of shapers. [click to continue]

Guy Okazaki

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Guy Okazaki’s long shaping career feels as if it has literally come full circle. The first boards he made in the mid-1960s in Venice were longboard outlines, scaled down to shorter lengths at the dawn of the transition. Today his most requested models are modern experiments of a similar form — wide-noses, full-templates and pintails. [click to continue]


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Mini documentary about the evolution shaping surfboards in QLD, Australia by by Pablo Ballester.

Michael Peterson 1977

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Rarely seen 16mm film of the late Michael Peterson surfing Bells in 1977. Shot by Don Norris.

The underground surfing community in Australia is rallying together to raise funds for Australian surfing legend Michael Peterson to have a distinguished funeral this Thursday at Tweed Heads Memorial Gardens. Click here to find out how you can contribute. Photo by Dick Hoole.

(Michael Peterson) was flat-out the best surfer in the world.” – Rabbit Bartholomew

The late Michael Peterson memorialized in this short by his lifelong sponsor, Rip Curl.