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by Glenn Sakamoto on July 20, 2012 · 1 comment

Australian Katherine Hall is a talented designer/surfer. Her whimsical and flowing illustrations began as an outlet from her usual duties as a brand strategist. With a background in graphic design, surfing became the catalyst to create her blog and wonderful art. We chatted with Katherine to learn more.

How did you get interested in creating surf illustrations?
My artistic background is in graphic design — I’m an art director by trade, and have a consultancy called Design & Opinion. The sort of work I do professionally doesn’t generally allow a great deal of illustration (I create editorial products and consult on strategy), but illustration has always been my first love, and is what lead me to become a designer in the first place. So I’ve always maintained an active interest in drawing by hand.

Tell us how you got into surfing
I first picked up a board around 7 years ago, when I married a keen surfer. It quickly became apparent that I would need to either develop an interest in surfing, or get used to sitting on the beach by myself. So I chose the former and as luck would have it, was hooked! Now the only challenge is how to get out as often as we’d like while looking after our 1-year-old son Sam.

How does surfing inspire you?
The surf-art scene has always been a great source of inspiration to me, but after becoming a surfer myself, held a lot more meaning. So naturally my illustration began tending towards surfing themes. I’m not very good at keeping my drawings organised (they tend to adorn random pieces of scrap paper which often end up in the bin accidentally) so I essentially started the Drawn Lines blog as a way to discipline myself to properly archive my sketches. I can’t say it’s entirely worked! But at least some of the drawings have been preserved :)

What has been the result of having your blog?
Since starting the blog I’ve been approached to design various bits and pieces for the surfing community, like logos and tees, work for surf-related exhibitions etc. I’m also currently working on a collaboration with a US cycling apparel company, who approached me specifically because of the surfing themes in my work. That has all really just been a bonus though, as I started the blog primarily for myself — I never expected anyone to actually look at it!

Learn more about Katherine Hall at her blog here.



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