Mele Saili x Ugg

Ugg Boots travels to Encinitas, CA, where pro-surfer and artist Mele Saili lives minimally with her own chickens, lots of surfboards, and an enviable art studio.

Jared Mell

This video is already 3 years old but it's a goodie. Starts off with some surf skating and then right into some single fin sliding.' From filmmaker Guigo Fogiatto for Carver Skateboards. Additional shots by Jimmy Jazz James.

Kris Chatterson

Kris Chatterson is many things; a father, husband, artist, surfer, and displacement hull fanatic. Kris is living proof that if you follow your passions, people will take notice and you can make waves in your communities. Video by Cvrrent.

McTavish x Ettleson

The latest McTavish Surfboards 'Art Board by...' series features one of their favourite Australian artists, James Ettelson.

Outside The Bubble

Don't know too much about this video other than it was created by Jayden Morrison and features surfer Jyoti Walker with a Pink Floyd soundtrack.

Fantastic Acid

A short film created by Adrien Ballanger showcasing Fantastic Acid shaper and hull rider, Tristan Mausse.

Ocean Song x Jack Coleman

The latest film from Jack Coleman and Mollusk Surf Shop features Simon Murdoch and Trevor Gordon slicing and dicing a few playful rights close to home.

Never Town Trailer

Part surf film, part conservation film, Never Town takes a journey along some wild coastlines and talks with the people fighting to keep them wild. Filmed along the Southern Ocean coasts of Australia, it’s an exploration of what these places mean to surfers… and what surfers are willing to do to save them. Featuring Dave Rastovich, Wayne Lynch, Dan Ross, Belinda Baggs and Heath Joske.

CJ Nelson: Care by Design

CJ Nelson, in a very desolate part of the Central California coast. Though this is a product promotion, the surfing is worth watching.

Tyler Warren

Tyler Warren film put together by Sympl. Filmed by: Sage Burgess, Jeremiah Klein and Hunter Martinez. Edit by: Jon Arman.

Waxhead Glide

Making fun out of crowded, knee high peelers riding an 11'6" D-Fin Glider by Bob McTavish. FIlmed by Tim Samuel.

Stories of The Sea

Profiling passionate people from the Northern Rivers who lead a conscious lifestyle, Stories from the Sea tells tales of salty locals and their connection to our community, the environment, their craft and the water.