Wayne + Gerry

Gerry Lopez and Wayne Lynch have spent most of their lives looking forward—especially when they were finding new lines in the tube and on the face. But the two surfers sat down to take a look back, swapping stories about influence, innovation and how surfing taught them to go left when the whole establishment was going right.

Jared Mell Volume 6

Banks Journal's latest volume with surfer/shaper Jared Mell takes us to the dreamy shores of Noosa, a place as playful and unique as Jared's style both in and out of the water. Shot and edited on vintage 16mm film by Lockie.

Devon Howard: Log Rap

Devon Howard riding a single-fin, 9'9" traditional "Involvement" style longboard shaped by Australia's Thomas Bexon. This board is similar to what Aussie surfers were riding for a very brief time in Noosa Heads during 1966 before they abandoned this design and these type of lines for shorter boards and a tighter turning radius.

Tom Pohaku Stone

Tom Pohaku Stone handcrafts traditional Hawaiian surfboards to ride the waves of time on the windward side of Oahu. Tom's favorite surfboard is not a modern, fiberglass board. This board is one he has built with his own hands, with techniques that have been passed down through generations.

Hansen Surfboards

Don Hansen, founder of Hansen Surfboards, hitchhiked from South Dakota to California to build his life around surfing when he was 18, he hasn't looked back since.

Tommy Witt in Mexico

From 2015, Tommy Witt surfs a fun right hand point break in Mexico with only a handful of surfers out. Film by Cody Watten.

Devon Howard x Oldfield

Ziobaffa curated footage by filmmaker Nathan Oldfield featuring the fine footwork of Devon Howard. Nathan is best known for his films The Church of the Open Sky and The Heart & The Sea.

CJ Nelson on Sobriety

CJ Nelson is a super talented longboarder. He has made a living from doing what he loves. He is 'living the dream'. CJ doesn't see it like this. He has battled with substance abuse. He has regrets on the way he treated himself and others. He is now on the path to making amends. Video by The Noun Collective.

Try Elmore Summer

Not sure how we missed this one as it was released in Summer of 2017. In any case, here for your viewing pleasure is Mr. Troy Elmore. Video by Bob Hoste, Sam Moody, Kevin Jansen.

Flock of Seagulls

Portugal is the home of some of the best waves in Europe and obviously it has become really popular among surfers over the years. “A Flock of Seagulls” is an extract of Alessandro Ponzanelli last experience along this magic land. By Alessandro Ponzanelli and edited by Federico Romanello.

Authentic Wave

Tatsuo's book "Authentic Wave" is a chronicle of traditional surfing in California over the past 20 years. Tatsuo shoots analog film with vintage cameras and lenses, and documents some of the California's best surfers, including Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, Tommy Witt, Ryan Burch, Joel Tudor, and many others. Available at Mollusk.