Skateboarder Magazine

This documentary tells the story of how this magazine became THE magazine of skateboarders worldwide, why it meant so much to them, and how it left an indelible mark on them during it's meteoric rise and fall by the early 1980s. From shoeless surfers riding the concrete waves and the vast blacktop of Southern California, to fully padded sessions at skateparks, Skateboarder exposed the sport to kids around the world.

Jack Coleman x Vissla

Tune in as filmmaker Jack Coleman gives us a glimpse of life in Newport Beach and the path that led him to create films that push the boundaries of traditional surfing

Longboards at The Ranch

The jury is still out on Slater's Ranch, but check out Jared Mell, Taylor Jensen and Soleil Errico giving their testimony.

Alessandro Ponzanelli

Italian stylist Alessandro Ponzanelli surfs a remote point break in the Mediterranean Sea. Shot on 35mm & 16mm Film by Jason Baffa and water cinematographer, Scott Kassenoff. To see the whole movie, featuring Leonardo Fioravanti, Conner Coffin, Parker Coffin, Dave Rastovich and Chris Del Moro visit iTunes, Amazon or

Malibu Super 8mm

Some vintage super 8mm comes out of the archives for this episode of Lost Reels presented by ZIOBAFFA organic wines Italy. Featuring Joel Tudor, Jimmy Gamboa, Daize Shayne Goodwin.

Woodshop + Danny Hess

Danny Hess and a group of his creative friends find their space in the ever crowded Bay Area. Woodshop, located in the Outer Sunset district, is a workspace and showroom for four accomplished artisans who came together through a common interest in craft and design.

Down at The Bu

Jack Coleman and a full cast of characters descended upon the 'bu for a lengthy board meeting on this most recent south swell. Presented by Mollusk.

Lachlan Rombouts

Lachie Rombouts grew up a two-hour bus ride from the beach and never flinched about grabbing his board and making the journey at every opportunity. As soon as he was old enough he moved closer, but along with the increase in surf time came the trappings of being a young man fresh out of school, living the party life. Lachie struggled to balance the so-called good times on land with the actual good times in the water and eventually his mental health nosedived. Until, one day his home break lit up with the swell of a lifetime. “In the end, it was finding a connection with giant surfboards and even bigger waves that re-invigorated Lachie’s love for the sea and helped him identify what sort of man he wanted to be.”

Chris Del Moro X Ziobaffa

Chris Del Moro is always smooth, especially when finding summer fun at Secos. Witness this truth in another edition of #LostReels, curated, filmed and edited by Jason Baffa Films and presented by @ziobaffa.

Cliff Kapono + Bertlemann

"Anything is possible." That's what Cliff Kapono learned from Larry Bertlemann when Kapono was growing up on the Big Island of Hawaii, discovering his influences and laying the groundwork for his own approach in the water.

Tyler Hatzikian x Baffa

Tyler Surfboards and has been pushing traditional design with South Bay roots for 30 years. Captured in Manhattan Beach while shooting for the #RedirectSurf Project with longtime collaborator Jason Baffa.