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by Glenn Sakamoto on September 20, 2012 · 2 comments

Angela Oschmann is a talented surfer from San Diego, California. Donning a pair of swimfins and sometimes a hand plane, Angela seeks to find that perfect barrel and the answer to life’s many questions. Starring in the film “What The Sea Gives Me,” we spoke with Angela to learn more.

What was your childhood like?
My childhood was pretty mellow. I stayed busy learning to play Frisbee with my mother, and always choosing chicken nuggets for dinner (laughs)! Those sweet times were only possible with the open support of my parents.

How were you introduced to the ocean?
Some of my first memories are with my dad holding me, while we would hold our breath and dip under waves together. My father gave me such a sense of security. I’m so glad he showed me the sea in just that way.

Who/What inspired you to begin bodysurfing?
It all started when I moved back from living in Georgia. I was reconnecting with the sun and sand, when a friend suggested we get in the water to swim around. I watched my friend drop in on waves that were crashing on inches of water. Even though they weren’t very big, it was still intimidating. Patience and determination helped me to attain my skills today.

What is it about bodysurfing that you love?
I love the abundance of bodysurfing, from the quantity of tubes to the quality of good vibes. Bodysurfing offers and provides so much in each session. Things such as breath exercise, beautiful views of barrels, friendly bonds, and the list goes on.

Tell us about the movie you will be featured in
It’s a film by Pierce Michael Kavanagh called, “What The Sea Gives Me.” I will be giving the audience a perspective of what it’s like to be an enthusiastic, female bodysurfer. The film features risk takers and survival, exploration and conservation aspects, as well as other forms of inspiration the ocean provides. Overall, the wide range of content will be relatable to many different people and hopefully captivate many.

What are some of the challenges involved in being in this film?
For my part in the film, the biggest challenge is waiting for swell. It’s kind of a crucial element to bodysurfing (laughs). To keep it real, aside from the film, any day is great for getting in the water to bodysurf, because you can ride ‘em all. Oh and remember – safety first!

Who/what inspires you?
So much inspires me! Oh my goodness, where do I get started? My relationships, sautéing onions, and knowing all the tiny lines on my palm are there for me to feel, to name but a few.

What is the greatest thing you have learned in your life?
The greatest thing I have learned is the simple fact that we can continue learning. We actually cannot stop learning if we consider our neurological function: Our brains constantly process information, even in our sleep. And that biological fact keeps me humble to continue searching my heart for compassion, listening deeper, and accepting that life is an ever changing moment.

What are you most proud of?
I am most proud that we are all, in our core, self-driven. Today, tomorrow, and on, we should all say something about ourselves that we are proud of.

What meaning does surfing hold for you and how has it changed your life?
Bodysurfing means “me time.” In that way, I have been able to replenish and invigorate my being of mind and body. It has changed my life from a hobby to a purpose. I am meant for great things and this tidal path is my gateway.

What brings you the most happiness in the world?
Love. Yes…it’s a tad trite, but oh so true – love is.

Who are some of the people you feel are shaping the path for surfing today?
I feel the people who are shaping the path for all ocean sports are those who want to continue appreciating the presence and preciousness of the sea. For instance, Misfits Pictures, Matuse wetsuits, and Enjoy Handplanes help to shape a positive path by keeping our eco-systems in mind.

What is your favorite handplane? Your favorite surfspot?
There are so many handplanes I am excited to try out. Thus far, I have had the most fun with *Enjoy Handplanes. In addition I really admire their approach to repurposing the surf industry’s “trash.”

What’s your favorite meal?
Favorite meals are always custom designed (laughs) and well balanced, because that way I get exactly what my body needs for what is to come.

What are you currently listening to on your iPod?
I always have my mood jams. Those are tunes that suit my fashion for the time being. Sometimes, jazzy-lounge music doesn’t always tickle my fancy, but perhaps in a half hour it will be just right.

What are you most grateful for?
I am most grateful for ALL the opportunities that come my way, as they have provided me with a chance to experience, learn and grow with the flow of life.

What’s next for Angela Oschmann?
A blog is next. It’s a great way for others to see and read what my bodysurfing moments bring, other inspiring aspects of life and my aim is to make it relatable to all!

To learn more about the film, “What The Sea Gives Me,” click here. Photography credits: (1) Kevin Roche, (2) Mike Delanzo, (3, 4) Andrew Quinn, (5) Val Reynolds.


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Bernie September 20, 2012 at 8:01 pm

Hello,great interview!
Wonderful to hear about friends who enjoy bodysurfing as I do.I designed my own hand plane 20+ years ago and have made a handful of prototypes.If there is an interest,i may consider producing some.They work excellent and are very comfortable to hold.I look forward to the film.
Contact me if you will.
Live Life ,Surf.


Glenn March 4, 2013 at 9:33 pm

Very nice piece !!!


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