Welcome to Liquid Salt.

We are an online-only magazine that celebrates the unique and vibrant culture of surfing. Since the very beginning, Liquid Salt has been about telling the stories of the many individuals who call the ocean their home.

Our first interview was in 2009 with surfboard shaping icon, Bing Copeland. Thank you, Bing! Liquid Salt has since grown to over 175 interviews and dozens of feature stories including Hawaiian surfing legends such as Rabbit Kekai to Pipeline-master Gerry Lopez.

In addition to the shapers and prominent surfers, we feature the many artists, filmmakers, and photographers of the surfing community. We knew that it was their relationship with creativity and the sea that makes surfing culturally relevant and unique.

I hope you enjoy Liquid Salt and that it becomes a welcome destination for you when you are on land and not in the water.

Much love and Aloha,


Liquid Salt is an ongoing project of Glenn Sakamoto. A graduate of the esteemed Art Center College of Design, Sakamoto Studio creates brand identities for people, products, and services from his studio in Los Angeles, CA. 



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