McTavish Tee


This playful tee embodies life in the shaping bay, inspired by resident larrakin Bob McTavish and long days on the planer whipping up custom surfboards. Available in chalk white and amber yellow on a heavyweight cotton tee. Available at McTavish Surfboards.

TropicSport Sunscreen


TropicSport Mineral Sunscreen is reef-friendly, water-resistant and does not contain Oxybenzone and Octinoxate. Long lasting formula gives you up to 4 hours of protection. Available at TropicSport.

Dazzling Blue


"Dazzling Blue," a book of short non-fiction by Jamie Brisick, which includes 58 selections that get at the whole gamut of the surf experience. By turns rich, engaging, thought-provoking, humorous, and just plain weird. Available at

Surf Tribe Book


An incomparable new photo book about the international surf culture by photographer Stephan Vanfleteren. The 400-page book showcases captivating portraits of some of the world's surf icons. Available here.

Cake x Christenson

Cake x Christenson 1.jpg

CAKE, just unveiled a new partnership with iconic shaper Chris Christenson to create custom branded surfboards in an effort to support climate advocacy group Protect Our Winters (POW). Find them here.

Go Nano CBD Sports Balm


Nano CBD Balm attacks pain and inflammation, fights muscle spasms, reduces swelling and gets you back on your board. Go Nano Sports Balm will keep you functioning at your best. Available at

Matt Beard Book


From painter Matt Beard comes Painting the California Coast: Volume One. Hardbound 196 page coffee table book featuring Beard's artwork and field notes from years of traveling and painting the entire California Coast. Available to purchase here.

Surfing in Huntington Beach


Surfing in Huntington Beach is the history of the sport in that location from the early 1900s until today. Called by some as the original “Surf City USA”, author Mark Zambrano chronicles the city’s legendary status using images and stories from the local community. Available for pre-order here.

Kahala x Severson


Kahala presents Cloudbreak," a collaborative print with the late John Severson. Inspired by their iconic "silkies" from the 1930's, they partnered with the same Japanese fabric mills that produced our originals to create an exclusive rayon filament which is then cut and sewn in Hawai'i.

Lost & Found Tee


Lost & Found is the curator and archivist of 123,539 rolls of undiscovered film; Telling stories to bring back four decades of surfing, music, adventure and more. Celebrate this find with the Always Aloha Tee found at

Cuervo Classic '78


Jose Cuervo made its mark on professional surfing early on by establishing the Cuervo Classic in 1978–the catalyst that propelled the sport forward, fostering some of the sport’s most iconic talent. The limited-edition bottle is available available nationwide at select grocery and liquor stores while supplies last.

Back In The Day


William Sharp began taking surfing photographs in southern California in the early seventies. and was quickly drawn into the nascent skateboard scene, shooting friends emulating surfing moves on pavement. Sharp’s epic photos are populated by the vanguard of the scene such as Tony Alva, Jay Adams, Jerry Valdez, Steve Caballero, and Jay Smith, among many others.

Bonzer x RVCA


RVCA has teamed up with Campbell brothers Malcolm and Duncan to create a line of clothing inspired by the duo's revolutionary Bonzer surfboard. The line includes tops and bottoms and have a true retro feel. Find it here:

Happier Campers


Looking for a portable surf shack on wheels? Introducing the HC1, Happier Campers first production trailer. This unique trailer is inspired by classic design but packed with modern functionality. Find out more at

Indosole Essntls Flip Flops


The Indosole Essntls Flip Flop is made of natural rubber, upcycled tires and vegan synthetics making it one of the most thoughtful pieces of footwear you can find. Light, flexible and waterproof make these the perfect sandals for summer. Find them at

Canham Print


An homage to the animals of surfing: Greg "Da Bull" Noll, Miki "Da Cat" Dora, Dale "The Hawk" Velzy, Craig "Owl" Chapman, Wayne "Rabbit" Bartholomew and Albert "Rabbit" Kekai, Tiger Espere, Turtle. Silkscreen Print, 18" x 24" Signed, Edition of 100. Available at

The Gift x Marc Andreini

Marc Andreini’s beautiful new book “The Gift” is now available for purchase at his website Clocking in at over 220 pages, the book is filled with vivid stories and lush photographs and drawings. A must have for any surfer interested in the development of surfboards from ancient times to today. Available at

Sagebrush Board Bags


Sagebrush Board Bags are handmade by surfer/adventurer Anna Ehrgott in Southern California. Built for adventures, surf trips and daily beach goings, Sagebrush board bags put an end to delam bubbles, chinese wax jobs and transit-provoked dings. Available for purchase at

Carver Eggbeater

The Carver Eggbeater is a 30" surfskate created in the style of a single fin hull, a rounded pintail that’s still short enough to snap turns as much as it carves smooth and flowing lines. Even the graphic is a throwback to traditional surfboard designs, with a darker rail, center stringer and visible tail patch. Available at Carver Skateboards.