Tosh Tudor: 2 Shores

Tosh Tudor showing you what 1 week, 2 shores, and countless lefts looks like on a midsummer adventure. Film & Edit: Max Beyer 8mm footage: Todd Pinder

McTavish + Moniz

Ever wondered what's involved in the board shaping process? Take a look behind the scenes with Kelia Moniz as Bob McTavish creates a one-of-a-kind board for the 2x World Champ, at the McTavish shop in Byron Bay.

Zone Frequency Trailer

Frequencies are energy - and energy is what we are all made out of – that is why we are connected to every living thing and to eachother. Shot over a 3 year period Zone Frequency is Jack Coleman’s fully independently funded feature length movie follow up to 2016’s The Zone surf movie.

Free Form

A simple existence, nurtured by a quiver of twin fins and a studio chock full of ceramic vessels. A new Mollusk/Jack Coleman film featuring Skoby Joe. Music: Bombino - Tenere Water, Cinematography by Derek Dunfee.

Think Bing Trailer

To commemorate 60 Years of Craftsmanship, Bing Surfboards is releasing a film created by Bryce Lowe White that features those that have made the history of Bing Surfboards something to appreciate in surf culture. The documentary will be shown at SHACC on July 25.

Scott Anderson and Dane Reynolds

The Electric Acid Surfboard Test, shapers profile with Scott Anderson, featuring Dane Reynolds, with Greg Liddle's Theories of Displacement. Feature by Stab Magazine.

Fancy Free

The joint is packed, but everyone knows the score. Jacked on a day's worth of espressos and an evening's worth of negroni, the crowd clears way for the man. The groove slaps as he slides, pivots, and stomps in time. A freak on the floor and we are all left to try to fall in line. Make way for this one: Jack Coleman and Robin Kegel came to boogie.

Harbour Chronicles

Surfer Magazine presents Harbour Surfboards. The 60-year-old shop is rooted in the art of shaping high-quality surfboards, an ethos fostered by owner Rich Harbour, who crafted his first surfboard at the age of 16 in his parents' garage.


A traditional surf film brought to you by Doubles. Filmed between County Line and South San Diego from August 2018 to February 2019. Starring in order of appearance: Joel Tudor, Yuta Sezutsu, Devon Howard, Barrett Miller, Lucas Dirkse, John Haffey, Grant Noble, Saxon Wilson, WiIlliam Hennessy, Tosh Tudor, Zack Flores, and Judah Tudor.

Liddle Surfboards

A deeper dive into the mysterious world of displacement hulls by learning more about hull lord, Greg Liddle and what is now Liddle Designs. Greg Liddle is a very private person and recently retired from shaping. Luckily his friend and business partner, Kirk Putnam is keeping Liddle surfboards alive by recreating replicas of Greg Liddle's boards with Scott Anderson of Anderson Surfboards at Aquatech Glassing based out of Hermosa Beach, California.

Know The Feeling

No matter where you're from, no matter where you're going-the sea knows no difference. It's not how we look, what we own, or the languages we speak-here we all have one voice. Know the Feeling is about this sensation, this magic that connects us all.