erik abel: Triangles

Story and art by Erik Abel

When I get hit with serious inspiration, I tend to slightly obsess over it. A few minutes later and a dozen pages, my sketchbook is full of ideas. Some good, some bad. Some I can't stop staring at. That is exactly what happened with my recent series of triangle paintings. All of a sudden, I never wanted to paint on a square or rectangle again. All I could see was a world filled with colorful triangles! I stayed up all night cutting different sizes out of plywood just to see what they would look like and it fueled my need to paint them even more. A triangle hanging on a wall just looks so unique and unexpected.  

The pieces were framed with various, local reclaimed woods by John Birchim just up the road from me in his Goleta, California woodshop. Some of the wood is from an old water tower in Refugio. John turned my simple paintings into something magical. These are as unique and one-of-a-kind as it gets. Art created by two passionate artists inspired by a love for the sea and the environment.

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